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Hazen Audel

“After living with these people, eating with them, helping them find and

grow food, getting to know their children and sleeping every night under the

same roof or stars...the bonds you make with these people are


About Hazen

A Kootenai and Salish Native American by descent, Hazen was born and raised in Spokane, Wash., where

he still lives much of the year when he’s not filming. Hazen holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from

Western Washington University. He has studied Botany and Zoology at Eastern Washington University and

Northwest Indian College, and he has done advanced studies in Tropical Ecology at the University of Hawaii.

He speaks four languages, including English, Spanish, Bahasa, and Quichua.

From a young age, Hazen has loved plants and animals, but it was the biodiversity of the rainforest in South

America that fascinated him the most. At 18, right after graduating high school, Hazen moved to the rainforest

in Ecuador and started a guiding business as a way to support himself while he went to college. He ended up

falling even more in love with the rainforest than he ever could’ve imagined and returned every summer for

ten years. It wasn’t long before he realized that he had a true gift for understanding and explaining the


Educating came naturally to him, especially when he was sharing knowledge of a subject he was truly passionate about. After college, Hazen became a high school biology teacher where he used his own experiences to teach his students about biology and science in a manner that was exciting and natural.

Hazen's teaching style has always been to educate through adventure.

Hazen-Audel- reigndeer.jpeg

Hazen is a self-proclaimed lifelong learner and nature nerd. When he is not traveling or filming he is working on his own personal homestead in Spokane, Wa. Hazen desires to inspire others to be outside and use their hands. One minute he will be milling his own lumber, planting a garden, or snowboarding in the mountains. He also runs his own Patreon community where he builds relationships around common goals and passions. 

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